Would you sell our products in your shop or beauty centre? Thanks to our direct production, we provide high quality products with competitive prices in the market. The prices ranges and the discounts are designed depending on the ordered amount. No minimum amount of purchase is required.

Analyse these 3 solutions we suggest you and choose the one you consider to be successful for you!


1 - ARGENTINO Shop & Academy


ARGENTINO Shop & Academy formula permits to distribute Argentinonails products in an exclusive area, training through some courses the new customers and engaging nail stylist activity. This formula, in its three articulations, ensures to achieve excellent profits.

2 - PARTNERSHIP Business


The PARTNERSHIP with Argentinonails is a collaboration between two parties which allows to make known Argentinonails brand and the one of the nail stylist in the country at a lesser cost than a totally personalised distribution, since the registration of the products (CPNP) is attributed to Argentinonails.



Would you create your own gel line with your brand? Would you create your range of ColorGel or Soak Off ? Would you get your products to market for personalized nails? For many years, thanks to a continuous activity about research and development in the cosmetic industry, Argentino offers his own customers a broad range of products for nails reconstruction. Thanks to our modern laboratories and manufacturing facilities and thanks to the collaboration of a highly qualified staff, we are able to ensure the high quality of “Made in Germany”. Our products have been produced in compliance with the high quality of the manufacturing processes. Our products have been produced in compliance with the directives on the quality control of the manufacturing process. Every product is registered in the European Job Mobility CPNP. Quality and services for your company.


We provide a complete service to support in the creation and marketing of your own brand of products for:


-          Gel UV

-          ColorGel

-          Nail Polish

-          Soak off

-          Liquids and solvents

-          Spa Line and care products

-          Accessories

-          Equipments

-          Furnishing


Our offer includes the supply of products in various grammage, labelling, assistance in the creation of a personalised line, assistance for the registration of the goods to CNPN with your own brand and the production of UV gel on sample.


Contact us to receive a cost estimate and prices to info@argentinonails.com


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