Cookie Policy


What does “cookie” mean and what is it used for?


A cookie is a little text file that a Website send to your browser and save it in your personal computer when you visit an Internet site like this one. Cookie is used to make the website working or to improve the user browsing experience.


On this Website are used first party cookies and third party cookies described below; their presence depends on functionality effectively contained on the Website.



Navigational cookies


Based on technology involved in the programming of the Website, if this one is equipped with a mobile version for, there is a cookie that is able to detect and to store the access device that is used. According to the information, it will be introduced the suitable version of the Website.


If in the Website there are more languages, the cookies enable the Website to function properly and they enable you to view the contents in your own language and suitable for your market from you first make access. They are capable to recognize from which Country you are connecting and they ensure that, whenever you visit the Website, you will be automatically addressed to the best version of the Website for your Country.



Reserved cookie area


In the event there is a reserved area, a cookie is created, which is capable to remind username and the user’s password. In such way ,these information will not be re-entered every time you return to this Website.



Cookies concerning e-shop section


If there was an e-commerce section for the purchase and for the sale of on-line products, the system memorize the user interaction with the purchase or sale area generating a cookie that allows to recover the past status of the orders provided by the user and the complete information related to your account. They also allow you to create an account, log in and manage your orders. If you are registered as a user, thanks to cookies, the Website recognize you as such when you will access to the services offered to registered users. If you added items to your Shopping Bag and if you closed your session without completing purchases without deleting them, these cookies allow you to continue to do your shopping next time you will log in to the website (within a limited period of time) rediscovering the Shopping bag or the shopping cart just you left them.



Third part cookies – Analytical cookies


These cookies are used, for example, from Google Analytics to produce statistical analyses about navigation of the users on the Website through computers or through mobile applications, on the most visited pages or the number of click done on a page during the Website navigation. The results of these analyses will be used anonymous exclusively for statistical purposes only if the service provider uses cookies in connection with the browser installed on your computer or on other systems used for viewing on our Website.


Further information about data processing by Google Inc. can be found on


To delete Google Analytics for the collection of statistical data from Google Analytics is possible to install the additional component for browser, freely downloading from the Website


It is noted that any personal data collected with the cookies in this Website will not be given to any third party which are not Google Inc. or its certified partners.



Third part cookies - Addthis  


This Website uses or may use in the future AddThis, a software service and a service of statistical analyses provided by Add this Company,Inc. (“Addthis”).


Addthis uses cookies to allow users to share the Website contents on social media. When you use the sharing tool on the Website Addthis you collect data about what you share, when and how. The information created from the cookie concerning the use of the Website (including the IP address of the user) are forwarded to a server Addthis stored there.


Addthis will use these information for statistical purposes to compile report on the Website.


Addthis will transfer these information to third parts, if it is required to do so by law or if the third parts keep the information on behalf of Addthis. Addthis can also use non-personal information on traffic and the visits of the Website to dispense targeted advertising.


For further information on privacy policy of Addthis and to demand the decommissioning of Addthis cookies you can visit the Website :



Third part cookies for marketing/retargeting


In some cases some advertising campaigns re-marketing-retargeting type can be active for which specific cookies are used. These cookies are used by third party companies that we trust to show which allow you to visualise advertising banners on other Websites affiliated to us featuring the latest products or other contents you saw on this Website. While you are navigating on our Website these cookies are also used to show you the products you can be interested in or some other similar to those you saw before based on your browsing history. The use of these cookie normally don’t involve the processing of personal data, but it can allow the connection to your personal computer or to other systems and can track the information stored in it: these cookies connect to the browser installed in your computer or in other systems used during the navigation on our Website.



How can I disable cookies?


Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are set up to accept cookies. However, most browsers can also control and disable cookies too through the browser settings. Remember that, however, to disable navigation cookies or the functional ones can cause the malfunctioning of the Website and/or restrict the service offered by us.


For further information about cookies and how to manage or disable the third part cookies or the marketing/retargeting ones, visit


It is possible to visit the complete text of the reference law on Website by the Privacy Authority:


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