Argentino is a dynamic and young reality having as its primary aim the skill to distinguish for its professionalism and its ability to provide always and only the best about the research for the customer.


Argentino is born in 2003,almost by chance, due to Argentino Padoan.


“..everything started by a simple manicure.. The holder of the beauty centre, in that occasion, complained about the delays and the mistakes about the orders with the company that provided her the goods for the reconstruction nails and so, nearly by joke, launched me the idea to handle the situation to solve her the problem, and today here we are.”


For the first decade the company mainly deals with Italian domestic market; in year 2012 began its commercial expansion stage towards other countries outside Europe. Until today, when the company undertook an online commercial outlet too, drawing its Website where it is possible to purchase products directly from your own house and to view the tabs of every product. The Website was arranged for dealers too or for people who are interested in the activity of reselling Argentino’s products where they live or to create his or her own line; prices available in the Website and they are negotiable depending on quantity of purchase.


Argentino made of the productive process his own principal aim. The company addressed, for every single product, to highly specialised laboratories which reflect the standard “Made in Germany”. Everything to guarantee to the final customer a very high quality product, certified, combined with a choice of formula and trend colours and a functional packaging, simple and elegant.


Argentino organises professional reconstruction nails courses and refresher courses so as to improve more the final performance: Argentino’s method allow to apply correctly the products of that range and to guarantee an exceptional result.


Argentino’s philosophy lies in the principle in accordance with the elegance of the nails is a concrete expression of the elegance of the soul. It combines the aesthetic design with the health protection in highly qualified products.


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